Touch and Write

iPads offer repetition in a fun attention getting way. What child does not like the iPad!

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Not Your Average Therapy Bag

Handwriting Without Tears app available in the itunes app store for $6.99

CCPS has adopted the HWTs program countywide. This is a great way to provide practice for students who struggle with letter formation.

The app is designed to mimic the Wet-Dry-Try chalkboard activity that is being used in kindergarten classrooms. Students can practice formation for both upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers.

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Students love the Touch and Write handwriting practice app. This app follows the same formation as HWTs describe above and is available in the itunes app store for $2.99.

There are 16 selections for writing with various types of food or materials such as shaving cream, pudding, etc. The shaving cream selection sounds like shaving cream coming right out of the can.

There are also various background choices to write on. Students can use provided word lists or practice rote alphabet writing. A new list can be created for name practice or spelling lists.

Music can be left on or turned off. Also has a phonics button that can be activated for letter sounds. $2.99 in the app store

Touch and Write Cursive is also available as a separate app.

This is a fun way to provide for repetitive practice. FIzzbrain apps

Watch this You Tube video for a demonstration of how to use the app.

You Tube

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iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 2

Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose is a great app for teaching iPad skills such as tapping and swiping.

This app provides cause and effect with music and movement.

Watch this You Tube video for a demonstration of how to use the app. $1.99 in the app store

Wheels on the Bus app information a brief description of the app

A demonstration of the app with the background music and cause and effect sounds

Wheels on the Bus You Tube video

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Rainbow sentences is a great app to use as part of a sentence writing activity.

Students swipe to put parts of a sentence together and can then write on paper or practice keyboarding on a word processing device.

This app created by a speech therapist, can help to make the activity of practicing handwriting or keyboarding skills educationally relevant. $7.99 in the itunes store.

Rainbow Sentences

You tube demonstration of Rainbow Sentences