This page was created to network and share ideas with other school-based occupational therapists.
There are PowerPoint presentations, links, and some of my favorite activities, products, and ideas on this page.
Please fill free to use the power point presentations to train other professionals in your county.

MeMoves A movement program set to music for calming, focus, and joy. Includes a DVD that can be used on computers, TVs, or Smart Boards for short motor breaks. The accompanying CD can be played in the background throughout the day to promote calm, focus and joy. Please refer to the MeMoves page to your left for more information

Ready Bodies Learning Minds This movement program has some great activities for running motor groups. Has some research on impact on learning and bench mark outcomes.

Athena Oden Physical Therapist-Creator of Ready Bodies Learning Minds

Athena Oden has a wealth of ideas and suggestions for school-based therapy and the impact we can have as therapists on student learning.
Her one day workshop is wonderful and appropriate for both OTs and PTs.

My favorite grip helpers

Grotto Grip- This grip has has a winged top to prevent a thumb overlap. The grip has a firmer more static feel.
Crossover grip- the winged top prevents a thumb overlap. The grip has a more pliable firm jelly type of texture.
Jumbo Big Grip- great for opening up a closed web space
Handiwriter- helps to pull the pencil back into the hand. Also has an attached plastic object to be held down by the 4th and 5th digit thus promoting separation of the hand.
Twist N Write pencil- helps to promote a tripod grip. One of the curved tips is placed between the index and middle fingers to help stablize the writing implement.

Claw grip- forces a tripod grip. The pencil can be placed in the webspace or between the index and middle fingers for extra stability. Placing a cotton ball or other item in the palm to be held down with the 4th and 5th digits help to promote separation of the hand.


Ideas for Make and Takes

slant board.jpg
This easy to make slant board needs only a 4 to 5 inch binder, a clipboard and adhesive velcro.
The binder provides storage for special paper (make sure a lot of paper is not stored as this will decrease the slant),
pencil pouch for writing implements/grips, highlighters etc.
This was particularly helpful for one of my students who has great difficulty with organization.
school-work_023.jpg poker chip board.jpg

Bingo chips or letter tiles, adhesive velcro, ruler and plastic container
This activity helps to work on fine motor strengthening while providing for educational relevance.

This is a handle from a quart plastic milk container. This works well for students
who have limited hand use. Quart size works for little hands and gallons for larger hands.
Primary crayons fit best and you can cut down paint brush handles.
A little dycem helps the crayons, paint brushes or eating utensils stay put in the handle.

Universal Cuff- use neoprene fabric and a piece of adhesive velcro


Use a heavy material, a zig zag stitch
and various sized buttons to make these pre-buttoning kits.

writing grid.jpg
These writing grids come in full sheets. I found cutting them works better and are less cumbersome for students.
Once cut, the bottom and top create a large enough surface area for holding the single line down.
I took the rest of the grid and used black duck tape to fill in one grid opening to create more. The duck tape also helps to grip the surface of the paper.
Cutting them also creates a lot more to hand out. $2.95 each
Available from
Writing Grid

Available from Green Bean Products, this writing grid system provides for writing boundaries. $29.95 each

The set comes with an extra box grid that can be used with the system or separately. Paper for copying also comes with the kit for extra handwriting practice and includes, upper and lowercase worksheets, and special lined paper for sentence writing. A sturdy clear plastic sheet for using a dry erase marker is also included.

Green Bean Writing Grid

writing grid 2.jpg